Finally, a solution for long-term energy storage in sight

British researchers have taken a huge step forward in energy storage with a relatively simple solution. Their approach can lead to a battery with high capacity for renewable energy.

battery system

Does this construction contain the energy storage of the future?

Photo: Imperial College London

Researchers put a lot of hope in redox flow batteries. The electrical energy is stored in chemical compounds. The storage medium is therefore liquid electrolytes. The amount of energy that can be stored, that is, the performance of the battery, is determined by the volume of the electrolyte. Theoretically, scaling is therefore easy to implement. However, this encounters a problem in practice: the element vanadium is used in conventional redox flow batteries. On the one hand, this is expensive, and on the other hand, it comes primarily from China and Russia. With the refill, it could be difficult. British scientists have changed essential elements of the structure and thus taken a huge step forward.

This is how solar energy can be stored in walls

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