Cyberpunk 2022: Test of BMW CE 04 electric scooter

Taking pictures among people gives a good impression of the general interest of a vehicle. Blatant superbikes, solid Harleys or even some electric cars, despite all the support, are often not as interesting to the masses as they looked to us at editorial meetings. BMW’s CE 04 somehow catches everyone’s eye with its Futurama design. If you drive like this, you have to expect conversations everywhere, from very young to very old. In the final design, Munich’s designers happily stayed close to the previous studio. Only the front still looks reasonably scooter-classic. The rest would be thematically perfect in the open game world of Cyberpunk 2077. Now almost as many people will find the thing ugly as beautiful, but there is one thing that both sides agree on: the thing definitely looks “interesting”.

The design and battery sacrifice some storage space. A full-face helmet fits in the boot under the driver’s seat. The passenger must see where his is. The trunk lighting and dimmers are only partially comforting. Of course, you need to know that, but to be honest: If you want a lot of storage space and maybe a small price, you should buy a petrol engine from Kymco. The predecessor (BMW C Evolution) only came with a fairly small trunk due to the battery, and I think that only peripherally bothers the target group. Interesting things are rarely as practical as boring things. A parrot is not as practical as a cow. With a reverse crawl function and an automatic cable parking brake on the side stand (like the other large scooters in the BMW series), there are still a few practical details that you won’t even find in some everyday herd animals.

But the main selling point of CE 04 is not its appearance but its handling. It simply runs better than all other electric scooters and is also safer. It starts with safety technology like a motorcycle, with finely adjustable ABS (even ABS in swing for extra charge) and BMW’s eCall emergency call system. Other e-scooters do not even offer ABS, only CBS.

CBS (Combined Braking System) only means that a grip on the brake lever brakes both axles. Therefore, it does not prevent the front wheel from being overbraked, and since the front wheel is responsible for most of the dynamic driving stabilization, a CBS does not prevent accidents due to the collapse of the same due to a front wheel lock. When it comes to e-scooters, I harp on ABS, which is rare for them, because with the few miles normally driven in this segment, the braking hand is never trained enough to handle a wheel lock on the driver’s side. with ease. You can think about how important it is to you, but you need to know it in advance.

It is well? Discussable. Is this interesting? In any case.
(Photo: Clemens Gleich)

As with its predecessor, the BMW drives the rear axle via a timing belt. Unlike there, this timing belt now runs open (in C Evolution it ran invisibly in the swingarm housing). What remains is the undulating UFO noise from the drive when driving slowly, which BMW can do without a sound generator with. The engine is located close to the swingarm bearing, which is favorable for the center of gravity and the suspension. It has great cushioning, drives very comfortably and confidently and even makes cornering fun. For A1 (or B with special identifier B196) BMW offers a variant with modified control software and 11 kW continuous power.

Agricultural consumption was a disappointment, because with 9.9 kWh / 100 km gross it was on a par with a Zero SR / S (which accelerates like a superbike) or possibly a Seat MÓ, which suddenly fails you with 5 percent left. So not famous. Consumption is probably increasing due to the rather large front surface, which the harsh person then sits over and swirls in the wind. This is not only ineffective but also high on the helmet. Here, many will probably order the higher pane as wind and weather protection.

For pure cross country skiing I would expect a range of about 80 km. With more urban space in itself, consumption fell to 8.6 kWh / 100 km gross. In such a mixed operation, as occurs in some commuting scenarios, CE 04 achieves a range of about 100 km. BMW’s promised 130 km are only possible in pure urban use, for which this 120 km / h scooter is, however, greatly oversized.

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