Crypt exchange: After less than two years: Binance.US leaves Blockchain Association due to different values ​​and goals | news

• Binance.US withdraws from the Blockchain Association

• Coinbase left two years ago

• Binance.US plans to set up its own government affairs office

Blockchain Association spokesman confirms Binance.US exit

Binance.US is leaving the Blockchain Association, CoinDesk reported in mid-April. A person close to Binance.US stated, “Binance.US made a major investment in the Blockchain Association last year. Our executives recently negotiated in good faith with Blockchain Association executives to expand Binance.US ‘role in the group to strengthen. But after several discussions, we finally realized that our values, goals and standards are not entirely in line. ” Binance.US first joined the Blockchain Association in mid-August. Blockchain Association spokesman Curtis Kincaid confirmed the split from Binance.US via email, according to CoinDesk.


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Binance.US is the US subsidiary of the market-leading cryptocurrency platform Binance, which was banned in the US in 2019. The Blockchain Association is committed to ensuring that US law provides blockchain networks with greater scope for action.

The exact reasons for the outcome were not given

It is not known what different values, goals and standards are the reason why Binance.US left the Blockchain Association. As CoinDesk reports, the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase was also separated from the Blockchain Association in 2020 shortly after Binance.US took office: There are contradictions between its own goals and the Blockchain Associations. It is unclear whether Coinbase’s decision is related to Binance.US – Coinbase did not mention the competition as a reason to leave the Blockchain Association.

Binance.US wants to set up its own government affairs office

“The resources that we [für die Blockchain Association] is now being used for efforts tailored to Binance.US ‘political agenda in Washington and state capitals across the country, “the Binance.US employee told CoinDesk. A spokesman for the company also stated,” We are excited to create our own government affairs team in DC to actively engage in direct and constructive dialogue with U.S. policy makers around meaningful regulation that inspires clarity and trust and enables U.S. innovation and leadership to make a difference in the crypto field. The industry needs to prosper. “An exact date for the opening of the new Washington office has not yet been announced – as little as Binance, Binance.US or the Blockchain Association have commented on their websites in late April.

Exact plans for Binance.US not yet known

The Blockchain Association, meanwhile, is not impressed with the decision from the crypto platform. CThe Blockchain Association wishes Binance.US good luck in establishing their operations in Washington, “Blockchain Association spokesman Curtis Kincaid told CoinDesk, stating that the Blockchain Association currently has” more than 80 of the most prominent companies, investors , infrastructure companies and projects of the US crypto-economy “among its members.

It remains to be seen what steps Binance.US will take in the coming weeks and months to establish its own office in Washington.


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