Bochum: AfD hangs most election posters in the city

Almost all election posters are up in Bochum a good week before the state election. AfD put up most posters in the city.

Some people find it bitter: In Bochum, the AfD put up the vast majority of posters for the state election on 15 May: 2,000 billboards in total. The other parties follow at a distance. The CDU placed posters in 1941, including 41 large-format posters, Green 1533 (33 large), SPD 1330 (129 large), the others followed at a distance (see table).

It is a tradition in Bochum that there is a political quarrel about election posters in the cityscape. This ranges from the deadlines for when posters can be hung up before a choice, to the type of attachment (cable ties, wire, etc.). The cable ties that were often left on the trees when the posters were removed after a choice often damaged the bark.

As the others have agreed

Last year, in Bochum’s neighboring town of Herne, there was an initiative to regulate the number of posters to be hung up. The FDP had called for an upper limit there to stem the flow of posters before the election. Although there were applause from the Greens, the party could not assert itself. There is now a compromise there, which, however, contains only a voluntary commitment.

According to information from Bochum city, the number of posters here should only be indicated with the above restrictions and corresponding consideration for traffic conditions. This is usually followed by approval from the building authority. The NRW Department of Transportation even developed “practical aids” for poster advertising outside built-up areas. Although the info sheet is older, it provides a good insight into German bureaucracy.

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