2D NFT game Worldwide Webb explodes

Metaverse is characterized by a three-dimensional world and a particularly immersive gaming experience, where VR glasses are absolutely necessary. But is this really the truth? Blockchainwelt provides an insight into the 2D NFT game Worldwide Webb, which does some things differently and is exploding at the moment.

Should Metaverse be 3D?

The goal of Metaversum is to build a digital parallel world. Logically, this world must be three-dimensional. Two-dimensional worlds are reminiscent of Pacman and Tetris and are not very convincing. So the future belongs to immersive 3D worlds. At least that’s how it was until now.

The NFT game, oddly named Worldwide Webb, shows that it does not need a truly compelling, immersive world for users to be enthusiastic about the project. Worldwide Webb, on the other hand, convinces with a lovingly designed 2D pixel world and a wide range of possibilities.

Like the currently largest Metaverse Decentraland, Worldwide Webb is also based on Ethereum and places great emphasis on using blockchain as much as possible. In the future, other blockchains like Polygon will also be integrated.

What does this mean in practice? Using Decentraland as an example, there is only a limited selection of NFTs found in the game – NFTs designed for Decentraland.

Worldwide Webb believes that isolation is meaningless because Web3 and Metaverse thrive on openness and freedom. The pixelated newcomer is therefore paying particular attention to interoperability.

Worldwide Webb implements NFT collections

More and more people are getting excited about NFTs and the largest collections are steadily rising in price. Popular NFTs have long been bought for the equivalent of several million euros. The developers of today’s hottest NFT games want to offer a platform for the diverse and much-loved digital art.

The one who starts the game not only sees a large number of players who look like a mannequin, but also players who look like well-known NFTs – such as CryptoPunks or Forgotten Runes Wizards.

For this purpose, the developers of Worldwide Webb have saved specific collections in the game. When a player goes online, they log in with their web wallet – such as Meta Mask – and can use the NFTs in the game’s wallet as long as they belong to the integrated collections.

Players who do not use NFT will have the neutral look similar to the mannequin described.

Tokenization and protection against plagiarism in Worldwide Webb

The integration of NFTs into the game alone would obviously be too boring for the creators. Therefore, they decided to tokenize the confirmed NFTs. This means that the non-fungible tokens are linked to a different value.

Any owner of a CryptoPunk gets additional rights on the Worldwide Webb and can, for example, meet other CryptoPunks in the spaces designated for this purpose, while all other players do not have access.

The first picture shows the outside of The Thirsty Wizard – a pub that only owners of Forgotten Runes Wizards have access to. Picture number two shows the interior with various wizards.

An NFT collection needs to be confirmed because anyone can emboss any image as an NFT. This can result in plagiarism that is similar to the original but is not part of the original collection.

Only one original NFT can be used on the Worldwide Web instead of any. For this to succeed, developers must manually add the corresponding NFTs to the game. In addition to CryptoPunks and Forgotten Runes Wizards, Cool Cats and CrypToadz can also be found.

NFTs at Worldwide Webb are earmarked

On top of that, the players of the game also sell their own NFTs. Just like in Decentraland, land and houses can be bought. A questbuilder in the game makes it easy to create smart contracts that turn a simple building into a store where visitors can buy NFTs.

In addition, digital art can be exhibited, animals can reside in the buildings, or they simply serve as a venue for events.

Due to the Worldwide Web’s strong emphasis on tokenization, items that can be purchased as NFTs always have a purpose in the game. NFTs are found in the game in the form of abilities, furniture, clothing or even means of transportation such as vehicles.

With CryptoWeebs and CryptoGFs, Worldwide Webb also released two of its own NFT collections, which of course can be used as characters in the game.

Worldwide web prices are skyrocketing

Currently playing no own token. Only NFTs exist – and their prices are exploding at the moment. The NFT collection Worldwide Webb Land, which offers apartments, currently has a low price of 3.29 Ethereum, which is equivalent to 7,500 euros.

Within the last seven days, the price level of the Land collection has increased by 121 percent. According to Analysis of DappRadar the price of a large apartment has risen by 3,183 percent since December 14th.

Just yesterday, a penthouse owner changed and reached a new record value of 70 Ethereum, which was equivalent to over 168,000 euros at the time.

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