Technology meets design – Plancofix Connect floor drain pump, Pentair JUNG PUMPEN GmbH, press release

Two first-class brands combine reliable technology with high-quality design. The result is a combination of the newly developed shower ducts from Dallmer and the Plancofix floor drain pump from Jung Pumpen. The new drainage solutions with the extension “Connect” enable barrier-free showers in existing properties and at the same time meet demanding design requirements. Plancofix Connect will be available from HVAC wholesalers from June.

The technique

Plancofix floor drain pumps are established on the market as real problem solvers when it comes to conversion to barrier-free showers. They are the technical solution to overcome the lack of drainage gradient for the shower water, which was often a KO criterion for the conversion of the existing building.

Plancofix Connect is a further development of the Plancofix series. The installation height of the drain body was reduced to 7.5 cm. This means that floor-level showers can also be implemented in old buildings that have only very flat floor constructions. At the same time, the house was overall smaller so that it could be installed almost invisibly in the shower area. The pump output is suitable for modern showers and is around 22 l / min with the usual delivery heights of around 20 cm. The device is very quiet (approx. 27 dBA), meets all VDE safety standards and is wheelchair accessible.


The design of the shower ducts is realized by Arnsberg’s drainage specialist Dallmer. A total of 12 shower channels can be combined with Plancofix Connect. These can be placed on the wall or on the surface. They are available under the names CeraFloor, CeraWall and CeraFrame Connect. Whether it is matt stainless steel, tiled or PVD-coated in black, red gold or brass – the Dallmer Connect series offers many options.

A real added value

Excellent technology and excellent design

Jung Pump has been engaged in reliable wastewater technology for almost 100 years and has a multi-award-winning floor drain pump on the market with the product brand Plancofix. The high-quality Dallmer shower ducts with precise craftsmanship and recognized design have been part of the equipment in modern, sophisticated bathrooms for decades.

For commercial and private use

With the jointly developed floor drainage program, housing associations can update outdated bathrooms, hotels and hospitals can create trip-free entrances for showers and many owners of old buildings can fulfill their dream of a modern bathroom.

Maintenance, repair and customer service

“At Jung Pumpen, we have found a partner who not only masters pumping technology but also provides customer service that covers the maintenance and repair of these products with her customer service team throughout Germany,” said Yvonne Dallmer, CEO of Dallmer, looking forward to the launch. .

Seal in accordance with DIN 18534

“It was a real stroke of luck to gain the Dallmer brand’s design and drainage expertise for the further development of our Plancofix series,” confirms Dr. Andreas Kampf, Marketing Manager at Jung Pumpen. “Dallmer is considered one of the innovation leaders in this segment, not only in terms of design, but also in the field of sealing technology.”

Extensive information material

All technical data, brochures, detailed installation videos, VDE approval, DEKRA noise protection certificate, a spare parts list and an overview of financial grants can be found on the website Another click takes you directly to the Connect shower channels from Dallmer.

Who delivers what?

Both companies sell their products independently through the plumbing wholesale trade. The Jung Pump supplies Plancofix Connect together with the sealing sleeve, which is necessary for the professional execution of the glued seal. This defines clear interfaces and trade separation at the same time. The SHK store can also get the desired Dallmer shower channel, whose name ends with “Connect” (eg CeraWall Connect), from the sanitary wholesaler. The combination of both Connect products, ie Plancofix Connect from Jung Pumpen and CeraWall, CeraFrame or CeraFloor Connect from Dallmer, results in a complete product.

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