Borse Express – Looking Glass Labs announces GenZeroe’s roadmap including NFT Drop

The company’s schedule regarding GenZeroes includes eight chapters of the live-action series in the form of webisodes and comics as well as an NFT drop, a brand chatwinner announcements, giveaways and more

Vancouver, British Columbia – May 4, 2022 – Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (“LGL” or “Company”) (NEO: NFTX) (FSE: H1N)a leading Web3 platform based on non-fungible token architecture (“NFT“), Immersive metaverse environments, playtoserve– specializes in tokenization and royalty streams for virtual assets, is pleased to announce the release of the roadmap for GenZeroes (that “timetable‘), which will include a series of broadcasts, launches and other events taking place during the summer months. GenZeroes is the product of the company’s flagship studio, House of Kibaa (“HoK“). The roadmap describes what from GenZeroes– Franchise expected in late July, including but not limited to eight chapters of GenZeroes-Live action series in the form of webisodes and comics, a GenZeroes-NFT Drop, a brand chat, prize announcements and merchandise gifts for NFT owners.

In the near future, the trailer will off GenZeroes today, May 4 at 12.00 Pacific Time with a fire chat about the series’ premiere, scheduled for May 11th. May 18 will be the first webisode published, and the second chapter will be released on May 20 in the form of the first cartoon as part of the series. The third chapter is as follows webisode for May 25th. scheduled to round out the roadmap for the month of May.

The next GenZeroes NFT Drop takes place in early June, more details about this event will be announced in due course. On June 8, chapters four and five will be published as comics and webisode published, and chapters six and seven will be published a week later, on April 15th. June, published in the same way. Chapter 8 is scheduled to be released as another comic on June 22 and the announcement of the winners of the NFT Golden Ticket Comic Con is scheduled for June.

Will be in July GenZeroes-Products will be available to NFT holders so that they coincide with the cartoon Con International, held in San Diego, California, 21-24. July. For more information on the roadmap, visit the Twitter profile for GenZeroes (@GenZeroes) and the specific roadmap message are available at the following URL:

Live-action series of GenZeroes consists of a series of episodes from the science fiction genre with stories based on the NFT collection of GenZeroes based. The series is NFT-based and stars Aleks Paunovic, a Canadian-born actor who has starred in Zero Contact and in Hawk Eye has happened, with.1 that owner of GenZeroes NFTs get exclusive access to episodes and other extra perks. NFTS is becoming more and more prominent in the entertainment world and can Craters offer new ways to interact with their audiences, generate money to cover production costs, create new distribution windows and generally better sell movies and TV shows. 2

Management’s comment

“We are pleased to announce the robust roadmap for GenZeroes to announce and launch the marketing campaign around the series. We are very proud of how it all came together and very grateful to be able to launch the first live-action NFT series, “said Dorian Banks, CEO Officers in LGL. “We are happy about that GenZeroes writing history and suggesting the endless possibilities that NFTs can bring to the entertainment industry, “Mr. Banks added.


Looking Glass Labs (“LGLHeadquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Web3 platform built on the architecture of non-fungible tokens.NFT“), Immersive metaverse environments, playtoEarn tokenization and royalty income from virtual assets. The leading brand, House of Kibaa (“HoK‘), designs and curates next-generation 3D assets metavers that allow functional art and collectibles to coexist in different NFT blockchain environments. HoK has successfully released digital assets, including GenZeroeswhich sold out in just 37 minutes, bringing LGL a total revenue of $ 6.2 million – in addition to a perpetual royalty of 5% on aftermarket sales. HoK plans to introduce a hyperrealistic Metaverse based on the latest version of the Unreal engine in 2022.

On behalf of the LOOKING GLASS LABS LTD.

Dorian banks “

Dorian Banks, CEO

Twitter: @DorianBanks

For more information please contact:

Dorian Banks

Free: +1 833 LGL-NFTX (833-545-6389)


Twitter: @LGL_io

Forward-looking information

This press release contains “forward-looking statements.” Statements in this press release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and include statements about beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: the development of Project Origin Metaverse, the company’s goal of becoming the leading digital studio focusing on NFT architecture, immersive Metaverse design, and Revenue flows specialized in displaying virtual assets; intention to build a portfolio of sustainable NFT royalty flows through collaborations, value-added acquisitions and other agreements that potentially result in consistent, low-risk and passive income; and the short-term projects and future projects as described in the press release.

Key assumptions on which these forward-looking statements are based include that the company can mitigate the risks associated with the blockchain and NFT industry, that it is able to compete with other companies in the NFT market for sufficient financial resources available. to implement the Company’s business development plans, that favorable market conditions exist; to HoK is able to sell all or virtually all of its offerings, and which the Company has the opportunity to continue the development of GenZeroes completed on time.

Although management makes these assumptions on basis based on the information currently available to it, it may turn out to be incorrect. These forward-looking statements are are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, including the continued growth and consumer market acceptance of NFT and Metaverse offers; the cost of developing and designing commercially viable NFTs and metavers; the company’s ability to attract and retain sufficient employees with the desired skills to develop the company’s NFT and Metaverse offerings; the availability of third-party offers in the NFT, Metaverse development and online gaming markets to identify potential transactions; the increasing acceptance of NFTs as a solution to various online games, entertainment and collectibles; the company’s ability to mitigate the risks associated with the blockchain and NFT industries; and the ability to collaborate with other companies on NFT, metaverse development, content Creationand the collector market to compete.

Although management makes these assumptions on basis based on the information currently available to it, it may turn out to be incorrect. These forward-looking statements are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, including: the risk that the company’s offer will not be accepted by consumers; the risk that other competitors will offer similar digital offers; the risk that general economic and business conditions will change adversely; the risk that the company will have negative operating liquidity and insufficient capital to complete the development of any of its technologies; the risk that the company will not be able to obtain additional financing when necessary; the risk that capital and operating costs will increase; the risk that NFT technology is the subject of fraud and other errors; the risk of technological changes and developments in the blockchain that make NFT solutions obsolete; risks related to regulatory changes or actions that may hinder the development or operation of the blockchain solutions; the risk that other competitors will release similar blockchain offers; the potential future profitability of the NFT market in general; the fluctuating costs of the computational effort required to perform certain operations on the blockchain, and other general risks associated with the blockchain solutions.

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