After Mino Raiola’s death: How will Haaland poker continue?

Updated on 05/04/2022 at 17:30

  • With the sudden death of star consultant Mino Raiola, the situation in the tug of war over Erling Haaland may have changed.
  • Anything and nothing seems possible at the moment, but this could be a problem for Borussia Dortmund.

Carmine Raiola, called Mino, certainly realized some of Erling Haaland’s wishes, but the busy consultant was no longer able to fulfill them: Raiola was – in a figurative sense – the man on Haaland’s side for several years, wanted or wanted a Dortmund. match live at the stadium, but the protector could never experience it. “Mino has never been to a match. Hopefully he will come soon,” Haaland said in the winter.

Raiola was apparently already in the hospital for the first time. Due to an emergency operation on the lungs, as some media claimed. “A routine examination,” rejected Raiola’s agency. While speculation about the state of health of what is likely to be the most powerful player agent in the world was already widespread at the time, the media at the same time raged over the authority to interpret one of the most important transfers in recent Bundesliga history. Around the first day of the second half of the season, Haaland broke his months of silence and rejected his employer in an interview on Norwegian television.

Haaland claimed the club pressured him to make a decision. He only wants to play football, “but I can not at the moment”. The interview after the 5-1 victory over SC Freiburg came out of nowhere and caught BVB cold. At the time, there was some suspicion of a trick by Raiola, who as almost always stayed in the background and made himself as rare as possible.

BVB emphasized the good relationship with Raiola

Now Mino Raiola is dead, the conversations between him and his protégé or his entourage led by Papa Alf Inge are silenced. It was apparently Haaland’s father who kept in touch with Raiola to the last – and now could possibly slip into his role? The situation has not improved with Raiola’s death for Borussia Dortmund.

The BVB executives had repeatedly emphasized the extremely good relationship with Raiola and that he was a man to be trusted. It should have been more than the sheer reluctance towards Raiola that one did not want to scare away. In fact, Hans-Joachim Watzke and Michael Zorc assured how pleasant and professional the exchange with the Italian had always been – despite some differences in content and even a dispute, which Raiola published in an interview with Sport1. “I would even call Watzke a good friend. And I do not often say that,” Raiola said at the time.

And about Zorc: “I had a very bad relationship with Zorc, really, really bad. He must have really hated me. I never thought hatred would turn into friendship. He has my maximum respect. He defends his club to death. Negotiations with him were stubborn, but it is Zorc’s honor that Erling plays for BVB today. “

Will Raiola’s agency remain contacts?

An important, perhaps the most important bridge to the Haaland side broke for Borussia last week. Raiola’s agency One Sarl is manageably small, only a handful of employees are officially employed. And no significant decision was ever made without the approval of the boss. In addition to Raiola’s right hand man Jose Fortes Rodriguez, his nephew Vincenzo and eldest son Mario are also involved in the family business.

But what that means for the negotiations, and how it should proceed, remains open. BVB had repeatedly emphasized in recent weeks that Haaland wanted a quick decision. But little or nothing happened.

The topic now irritates not only those responsible but also the fans. Haaland’s uncertain future at least blocks the necessary upheaval to some extent, even though BVB have already signed two players independently with Niklas Süle and Nico Schlotterbeck, and Ramy Bensebaini and Karim Adeyemi are on the move.

When is a decision made?

The Haaland issue is very central, and one should still assume that internal sporting planning has long since been pushed forward without the 21-year-old. Basically, it is now “only” about where the player will soon say goodbye and how much money and bonuses BVB can agree with the receiving side. For that, someone like Raiola would have been a very important figure. Now Haaland is not officially cared for by anyone, but unofficially at least by his father and perhaps soon by a new external partner.

For the supposedly interested clubs from Manchester, Barcelona or Madrid, a lot could change again – depending on how far the talks or negotiations with Raiola and his team were. The season ends in a few days, and no one seems to know exactly whether to wait two weeks or two months for Haaland’s decision.

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