10,000 NFT Kisses by Gustav Klimt available

In collaboration with the digital platform arteQ, the Vienna Belvedere Museum introduced what is probably its most famous work of art to the new marketing world of NFTs just in time for Valentine’s Day. Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” was divided into a 100×100 grid for the digital copy and offered for 1,850 each as numbered and high-resolution individual parts.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the “kiss” is available as an NFT

“For the first time in art history, the world-famous masterpiece” The Kiss “by Gustav Klimt participates in Megaverse NFTestate. And part of it could be yours.” This is how the ad video begins, with Belvedere in collaboration with the digital platform arteQ introducing what is probably its most famous work of art to the new marketing world of NFTs, non-fungible tokens, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Until the end of last week, potential buyers could buy one of the 10,000 individual digital works by the legendary Art Nouveau painter for 1,850 euros apiece. Klimt’s “Kiss” was divided into a 100 by 100 grid for the digital copy – and offered as numbered NFTs.

You can purchase an NFT snippet until February 9th

According to Wolfgang Bergmann, Belvedere’s economic director in a Zoom interview, his museum is a pioneer in Austria and also one of the “very first museums” internationally. According to Bergmann, it was about “using the whole range of technology”:

Until February 9, potential buyers had the opportunity to purchase an NFT clip. Then began the “mining”, the process of digital embossing in the blockchain, as well as the allocation of the 10,000 kiss excerpts randomly.

If all NFTs are sold, at a unit price of 1,850 euros each, the total amount would be 18.5 million euros. Who gets this income? Belvedere CEO Wolfgang Bergmann: “The museum understands that. Of course we have to bear our marketing costs, we have to bear the cost of the technology, but the majority of it is with the museum because – it must be said – the technical basis is not rocket science and goes not out in the high. cost. “

The NFT market as an additional business area

Regardless of the fact that Belvedere, like all other museums, suffered a loss of revenue in the two years of the pandemic: Belvedere would have entered the NFT world even without the Corona era, which has helped the art market since 2020 put a digital stamp on it .

NFT auctions at major auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s are now generating significant interest among investors. Belvedere’s CEO Bergmann looks soberly at the museum’s entry into the NFT era: “Firstly, it is a new business area. This is an additional business area that does not replace previous activities. ”

CEO Bergmann believes that the fact that Belvedere, Klimt’s Kiss, is the first work of art digitally copied from its own inventory and offered for sale in 10,000 individual pieces will not have any significant impact on other markets.

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